The Motor Vehicle Accidents (Lifetime Support Scheme) Act 2013 (SA) allows for a person who has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident before 1 July 2014, under certain conditions, to buy-in to the Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS).

An application should be made to us either by you or someone acting on your behalf.

Your application must be in writing and include enough information to enable us to decide if your injuries meet the criteria for buy-in to the LSS.

Include sufficient information that will help us to determine if:

  • your motor vehicle accident injuries meet the criteria in the LSS Rules
  • you would have been eligible for participation in the LSS had your motor vehicle accident occurred after 1 July 2014.

The following should also be included in your application:

  • your current age and the age you were at the time of the motor vehicle accident
  • the nature and severity of your injuries
  • any current assessments of your functional status e.g. using the FIM™ or WeeFIM® and ASIA Impairment Scale Score for spinal cord injuries
  • objective assessments of your current and previous treatment, care and support
  • the nature, frequency and duration of services used to meet your treatment, care and support. This should include any variations in care during periods of transition
  • previous and current funding arrangements for this and any other injury types.

We may request (and fund) the cost for you to complete a new assessment if we think necessary. This ensures access to the most current health related information possible when calculating your buy-in figure.

You will be provided with copies of all additional health assessments.

We will calculate the cost by assessing all information provided in your application.

Once the process is completed, we will send you a letter of offer outlining:

  • the sum required to buy-in to the LSS and the date to which the sum is valid to
  • confirmation that the sum is for lifetime participation
  • confirm that we cannot request any additional payments once you have paid the total buy-in amount
  • how the sum was calculated
  • recommend that you seek professional advice regarding our offer. We will not fund this cost if you decide to seek professional advice
  • sign the acceptance section in the letter of offer and return applicable documentation to the us.

If you wish to accept our offer, the next steps are to:

  • pay the buy-in amount as advised by us into the LSS Fund
  • sign the acceptance section of your letter of offer and return to us
  • retain a copy for your own records.

Once you have paid the total buy-in amount into the LSS Fund, we will confirm in writing to you:

  • confirmation and receipt of the total buy-in amount
  • confirmation that you are now considered a lifetime participant by us
  • the name and contact details of your Service Planner.

A participant information pack will also be provided to you.

If after receiving our letter of offer you do not wish to proceed, please return the letter to us with the rejection section completed. No further action will be taken.

We may refuse an application if your injuries do not meet the eligibility criteria of the LSS Rules. You will be advised of the outcome and reasons why in writing. If you disagree with this decision, you are eligible to lodge a dispute with us. Further information is outlined in the Reassessment and Disputes section.

Page last updated: 30 September 2020