In July 2015, 80 year old John Stone was in a car accident as he travelled home to his farm north of Adelaide and sustained a traumatic brain injury, which had an enormous impact on his life.

John was accepted into our scheme soon after his accident and has benefited from a range of support including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, provision of equipment, grab rails, and modifications around the outside of his house to improve safety.

John and his wife Hazel have worked closely together on John’s rehabilitation, in what is an inspiring partnership.

Hazel reflects on her initial fears following John’s accident and the progress John has made through the support of our scheme.

“I was told all I could hope for was a nursing home – it was a question of nappies and lying on a bed. Now he’s walking, talking – sometimes too much! – and now I’ve got him back,” she said.

“LSA supplied us with pathways to make our home safe, rails, and equipment so that John can shower. But, what’s most important is that we have a back-up team – physios, OT’s and our LSA service planners, they are a real team of experts.  We are not on our own.”

John is particularly enthusiastic when he talks about his interactions with our scheme service planners, particularly Elissa who has worked with John since the end of 2015.

“Elissa is fantastic. You can talk to her and you can approach her. The ladies I’ve met at LSA are all fantastic.

We will continue to support John in his recovery through the provision of equipment, treatment and services to ensure he lives life to the fullest.

Page last updated: 30 September 2020