Peter Norde sustained a serious spinal injury in January 2016 that left him an incomplete quadriplegic, with limited movement in each limb.

Peter says the treatment, care and support he has been provided through the Lifetime Support Scheme, has brought him confidence, hope and independence for him and his whole family.

At his 30-acre property south of Adelaide, Peter now has ramps, grab rails and an electric bed installed for ease of mobility.  Without the electric bed, Peter would be unable to move throughout the night unassisted.

Peter is working with the LSA to finalise plans for a 15-metre pathway that will enable him to access the switch on his property’s backup power generator.

He enjoys the assistance of a carer to help him with a range of everyday activities, as well as a visiting physiotherapist twice a week.

Peter recalls his first significant support through the scheme – a new smartphone, which he uses every day. The smartphone was provided to Peter soon after he came out of a coma and its voice recognition capability enabled him to make calls, a feature his old phone did not have.

He is undergoing lessons to learn how to drive a modified vehicle. Passing the driving test is one of his major goals, as is returning to part-time work as a high school counsellor, which he plans to do late in 2016.

Page last updated: 30 September 2020