Holly Scott made a video about her journey to recovery, then found herself ’the face’ of the Driven campaign. She has found her voice, and her words are reaching a lot of people in all the right ways.

Seriously injured in a car accident at just 22 years old, she made a video during her extensive rehabilitation program to show how far she had come. It was really just for herself and to share with her LSA support team, but from there things snowballed.

After a little training in the basics of public speaking, she found herself in front of 8,000 high school students at an RAA Street Smart High event. Her message resonated because of her age, her sincerity, and her tragic personal experience that accidents can happen even if you are doing all the right things.

Holly was then approached by the South Australia Police and The Advertiser to feature in a new road safety campaign.

Driven: The Journey of Holly Scott is a seven part documentary series which showcases Holly’s car accident, the impact on her life and the number of people involved in her journey to recovery.

The campaign aims to educate young motorists about the risks of driving, especially over the Christmas and holiday period.

Page last updated: 30 September 2020