Terry Lee was badly injured in the 2015 Pinery bushfire. As a result of that bushfire he was left with multiple injuries including severe burns to over 80% of his body. Terry had to have his lower right arm and left hand amputated. He also lost one of his eyes and has poor sight in the remaining eye.

Terry spent three months in ICU, six months in the burns unit, and three months in rehabilitation. He was discharged from the Royal Adelaide Hospital a year to the day since his injury, which was a clear goal that Terry set - to be home before that year was out.

Terry required rehabilitation three or four times a week including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and lots of assistance for his prosthetics.

Terry is a veteran and when he comes up against a challenge, he takes it head on. He has had some incredible achievements since his injuries, including partaking in the Adelaide City to Bay Fun Run and walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day was a special moment for all the family.

The LSA have provided Terry with home modifications to assist with his everyday living.

“The LSA has been instrumental in providing independent living within the house, an audio sound system has been installed. I can turn on lights with voice. They supplied me with a large screen TV I can switch that on using Alexa.”

Terry says that three things are essential for a person to have a happy life.

“One is to have someone to love, to have something to do. And the last one is to have something to look forward to. I've got nothing but praise for the LSA. They've made such a huge difference to my life,” he says.

Page last updated: 30 September 2020