The Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) will fund necessary and reasonable attendant care services for a Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS) participant requiring care as a result of a motor vehicle accident on South Australian roads. Attendant care must be pre-approved and delivered by an attendant care provider who is on our approved provider panel.

What is attendant care

Attendant care services are provided to LSS participants to assist them to manage their essential and regular personal care needs. This includes activities such as grooming, bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting and other personal or hygiene needs.

What is the role of an attendant care worker?

The attendant care worker implements the care program for a LSS participant as outlined in the LSS participant’s service delivery plan. Attendant care workers are recruited and appointed to meet a LSS participant’s specific needs.

Can an attendant care worker help a participant with their rehabilitation goals?

Attendant care includes providing care to help an LSS participant achieve their rehabilitation goals. This can include physical assistance, prompting and/or supervision.

The attendant care worker implements the program under the direction of a service professional. The worker cannot direct or change a program and should report regularly to the service professional overseeing the program through the attendant care supervisor/coordinator.

We have a panel of attendant care service providers and periodically approach the market to update our panel.

Register your interest on the SA Tenders website and create a search profile. You will be notified when the next Registration of Interest process is released.

We may require service providers to hold certain screenings prior to their commencement of services and maintain these for the duration of providing services for the Lifetime Support Authority (LSA). While we do not require a copy of these screenings prior to the commencement in working with the Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS) participants, we may, at any given time, ask service providers what screening checks they have in place or request copies, and document the response in our internal system.

Working with Children Check

The LSA requires that all contracted service providers have a Working with Children Check (WWCC).

A NDIS Worker Check is accepted as an alternative to the WWCC unless:

  • The service providers are working with an LSS participant under the age of eighteen or service providers are likely to have regular contact with children or young people while providing services to an LSS participant..
  • The service provider is a member of the LSA Attendant Care Services provider panel, in which a WWCC is mandatory.

LSA staff will discuss with individual service providers the minimum screenings required by our organisation as part of the initial contracting of services for LSS participants.

The following rates have been set as the maximum the LSA will fund for attendant care services from 1 July 2022.

Download the 2022–2023 LSS Attendant Care Rates

Page last updated: 5 September 2022