In 2014, Rosemary Short lost her right leg in a motor vehicle accident, which dramatically changed her life.

Despite her injuries, Rosemary is living an active and social life, thanks to support from the Lifetime Support Scheme.

She was a pennant lawn bowls player prior to her accident and is excited by the special wheelchair provided through the scheme that will enable her once again to play at her local bowling green.

The wheelchair is lower to the ground and has wider tyres to manoeuvre on grass.

Through the scheme, Rosemary also benefits from attendant care and domestic assistance, and a personal alarm monitor, all to help her live independently in her own home.

Rosemary says the greatest benefit of being a participant in the scheme is knowing that the LSA is there.

“Being a participant in the scheme gives me great comfort. I know they are there if there’s anything I need."

Page last updated: 30 September 2020