Prior to being discharged from hospital, your Service Planner in collaboration with you, your family and medical treating team will identify and coordinate the necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support you require when first returning home. This is called your Discharge Plan and will focus on the essential services you require when first returning home.

How long will my Discharge Plan last?

Your Discharge Plan will generally last 3 months. During this time it is expected that you will be discharged from hospital and return home. If your discharge from hospital is delayed, your Discharge Plan will be extended to cover this period.

What happens when my Discharge Plan ends?

Your Service Planner will monitor your Discharge Plan and will meet and discuss your future treatment, care and support needs with you. This discussion will not only focus on your future rehabilitation but also your future goals. This will form the basis of your MyPlan.

Page last updated: 1 October 2020