Tabatha Cox was one of the early participants of our scheme when she sustained brain and orthopaedic injuries in a motor vehicle accident in October 2014.

Thanks largely to her high motivation, Tabatha made significant progress during her hospital and rehabilitation stays, and continued her treatment at home through the Brain Injury Community and Home services.

As a participant in our scheme, Tabatha underwent critical eye surgery and specialised neurology treatment.

Tabatha have developed a special bond with Tabatha’s service planner, Penny, who keeps in close contact.

Tabatha says, “A lot of my injuries affected my memory and a lot of things I just can’t remember. If needed Penny will come to appointments with me. A lot of the information she can relay back to me afterwards. It’s absolutely been a God-send for me.”

Tabatha has benefited from the individualised support we have offered her, and ensured that her treatment and services are personalised and tailored to her goals.

One of those goals was seeing Tabatha return to her much-loved job as a personal trainer – a goal that she has achieved. Tabatha is back at the gym, and has taken on a small number of clients. She hopes to increase her client numbers as her she regains her health.

Page last updated: 30 September 2020