Kym Sauerbier had just undergone surgery on his right knee when he lost his left leg in a motor bike accident in December 2014.

Following his accident, Kym spent several weeks at Flinders Medical Centre followed by inpatient rehabilitation. This was followed by a long period of outpatient rehabilitation for physiotherapy and trialing of prostheses.

Kym says if it wasn’t for the support and services provided through the Lifetime Support Scheme, he is certain he would still be in a wheelchair.

“The support is unbelievable. I would still be in a wheelchair and probably just have the basic services if it wasn’t for the scheme. I have no doubt I would be in a dark place.”

These days, Kym is getting more confident each day with his Linx prosthesis, which was provided through the scheme, and fitted in December 2015.

Kym recalled an instant improvement in his walking when he moved from his temporary prosthesis to the Linx, which has an inbuilt microprocessor knee unit to control movement. He has been able to wear the prosthesis for up to 15 hours a day.

Through the help of the scheme, Kym also benefits from physiotherapy, support for medical appointments and pharmaceuticals, and provision of a wheelchair for times when he is not wearing his prosthesis.

Kym is able to drive an automatic vehicle, and since the accident, has bought a campervan, which he uses for regular visits to the country. He has even mastered kayaking on his own.

Kym’s goals from here are to become stronger and more confident with his prosthesis and he is looking forward to returning to work.

Page last updated: 30 September 2020