Sean Rowe sustained a traumatic brain injury and a superficial venous thrombophlebitis in a car accident in December 2014.

Through our scheme, and with the support of service planner, Sharon, Sean continued his rehabilitation at home, following five weeks of hospitalisation and inpatient rehabilitation.

For his ongoing rehabilitation, Sean was provided with physiotherapy and exercise physiology, strengthening and cardiac fitness programs to support a graded return to his sporting activities that include Jujitsu.

He received occupational therapy services to support his gradual return to work, access to a local gym program, GP consults, and driver trained occupational therapy services to assess his capacity to return to driving.

Through our partnership with Brain Injury SA, Sean has benefited from their programs for people living with acquired brain injury.

“My involvement in the scheme has helped me a lot physically, and mentally I’m really getting help now from Brain Injury SA. They talk about a lot of things relating to brain injury and how to deal with it. Every week I go there it helps me massively,” he said.

“And, now I’ve started reading a book I got from the LSA about loss and grieving after brain injury and I think that’s going to teach me a lot as well.”

Sean has made significant progress with marked improvements in balance, strength, endurance and aerobic fitness. He has been medically cleared to drive and returned to work, on a graduated program, in April 2015.

We continue to support Sean, particularly as he manages ongoing cognitive fatigue and headaches, with his work and other commitments.

Page last updated: 30 September 2020