The Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) provides a range of resources for applicants, participants, and service providers.

Below you will find Information Sheets listed by category:

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Learn more about the Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS), who is eligible and how to apply.

Buying into the Scheme

People who were seriously injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident before 1 July 2014 may be eligible to ‘buy in’ to the LSS.

Lifetime Participation

Eligibility and the application process for lifetime acceptance into the Scheme.

What is the Lifetime Support Scheme

An overview of the Scheme including who is eligible, what the Scheme provides and how to access it.

General Information:

Learn more about the LSA and Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS). This is a great place to start for new participants.

Welcome to the Lifetime Support Scheme

An overview of the Scheme including what the Scheme provides and who participants work with.

What is a service planner and what do they do

What service planners will and will not support participants with.

LSA and Scheme Philosophy

An overview of the Scheme philosophy and the values that guide the LSA’s behaviour.

Understanding the LSA decision making process

An outline of the criteria that the LSA will consider when making a decision.

Participant Support:

Learn more about support services, modifications, and Assistive Technology to help manage the impact of a Motor Vehicle Injury.

Accessing aged care support services (not funded by the LSA)

Learn about services that are available to assist with challenges associated with ageing.

Assistive Technology

Learn more about Assistive Technologies that may help minimise the impact of a motor vehicle injury.

Education support services

Learn more about support to minimise the impact of a motor vehicle injury in preschool, childcare, school, and higher education.

Home Modifications

Learn more about how changes to your home may help to minimise the impact of a motor vehicle injury.

Necessary and reasonable Treatment, Care and Support

Learn more about how the LSA determines what Treatment, Care and Support will or will not be funded.

Support, Attendance Care and Domestic Services

Learn more about services that can help you maintain health and wellbeing, manage household tasks, and undertake activities at home and in the community.

Starting an Attendant Care program

Learn how to find and choose an appropriate Attendant Care provider and worker.

Travelling to appointments for treatment services

Learn more about travel costs, your responsibilities and the LSA’s responsibilities.

Vehicle Modifications

Learn more about how changing your vehicle can help you access or operate it.

Vocational support services

Learn about support to help you participate in employment or voluntary work.

Issues, Complaints and Disputes:

Learn more about what to do if you have an issue or are unhappy with a decision or service.


Learn more about how an advocate may support you and how to access advocacy support.

Making a complaint

An overview of the process to submit, investigate and conclude a complaint.

Resolving disputes about Treatment, Care and Support

An overview of the process you can follow if you disagree with a decision about your Treatment, Care and Support needs.

Resolving disputes about eligibility

An overview of the process you can follow if you disagree with the LSA’s decision about your eligibility for the Scheme.

Suspension from participation in the Scheme

Learn why a participant can be suspended from the Scheme, what the consequences are and how to lift the suspension.

Service Providers:

This information is designed for service providers working with Scheme participants.


Learn more about which assessment to use, who can conduct it and when.

How will the LSA engage with service providers

Learn more about how the LSA will engage with hospital and rehabilitation staff, community treatment professionals, education professionals and Attendant Care Services.

LSS Participants service providers information

Learn more about what services the LSA funds and receiving payments.

Working with an Attendant Care Program

A list of frequently asked questions regarding Attendant Care.

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