The following information is required when issuing a valid tax invoice to the Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) for payment:

  • ABN and registered business name
  • date of Invoice
  • invoice number
  • participant's name
  • date of Service
  • description of Service provided i.e. service and number of hours
  • LSA service order number
  • Total cost for the service (including GST if applicable), which must not exceed the approved amount of the services outlined in the service order.

  • If you are submitting an invoice for the first time, ensure the LSA Vendor Creation Form has been already been submitted to the LSA. This ensures payment can be made without any delays
  • The dates of services listed on the invoice must be within the date range covered in your service order
  • If the service order number is not included or the services provided do not match the service order, the invoice will be returned and payment will be delayed.
  • all invoices are to be submitted to the LSA and never a participant.

If you have questions about these services or do not know your service order number, please call us (Toll free) on 1300 880 849 and ask to speak to a Participant Support Officer.

Some medical, health and rehabilitation services are GST free. The following fact sheets are available on the Australian Taxation Office website.

If you require further GST advice, please consult your tax advisor.

Please email all invoices to:

Payments will be made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to your nominated bank account as advised on your Vendor Creation Form.

When an EFT payment has been made, a remittance advice will be emailed to the email address provided on your Vendor Creation Form.

You can request remittance copies from

The LSA follows the SA Government’s standard payment terms. That is, we will pay the invoice 30 days from receipt of the invoice, provided the:

  • invoice is correct and complete (if not, it cannot be processed and may be returned to you)
  • services or goods provided are within the contract and service order terms and are satisfactorily delivered.
Page last updated: 30 September 2020