When sourcing goods or services for the Lifetime Support Authority (LSA), we follow the procurement rules and guidelines set out by the Procurement Services SA .

We must ensure that processes undertaken to engage with a service provider is efficient, economical, transparent and achieves value for money.

When procuring goods or services that are valued over $55,000, we are required to conduct a competitive procurement process for the required goods or services. This means, we cannot directly engage with a service provider unless there is a legitimate reason to do so.

For non-existing contracted goods and services, requests for quotation or tenders are released through the SA Tenders portal.

It is recommended that you register your business on the SA Tenders website to be alerted of any new quotes or tenders released to the market by the LSA if you would like to become a service provider.

No, when choosing a service provider, we are required to source goods and/or services in an ethical, accountable and transparent manner. We cannot accept any gifts or favours from potential service providers. We must always follow all procurement policies, procedures and guidelines in accordance with the Treasurer's Instruction 18 which was designed to ensure a fair and consistent approach to procurement activities in South Australia.

We are required to select a service provider on the basis of value for money rather than the cheapest. There is no obligation to select a service provider based on the cost alone.

Value for money includes the price, and other factors such as:

  • total cost of ownership (e.g. repairs and maintenance or end of life disposal costs)
  • quality and suitability of the goods and services for the purpose
  • track record and experience of the service supplier
  • innovation
  • flexibility of the proposal
  • environmental sustainability of the goods and services.
Page last updated: 30 September 2020