Thank you to the 44% of participants and/or their decision-makers who responded to the 2020 participant survey. By generously giving their time and providing feedback regarding their experiences with the Scheme, we can continue to improve.

At the LSA, we have a strong commitment to working with participants in a person-centred way to ensure the rehabilitation journey relating to the motor vehicle accident reflects each participant’s goals.

Taking into account the feedback, we have implemented some key initiatives to support continuous improvement of our services to participants. A notable initiative was to improve our feedback and complaints framework, to ensure it was easier for participants to lodge complaints, as well as improving our investigation process. The FAIR Framework is available to participants anytime to provide feedback. The link to the feedback framework is on the LSA website here: lifetimesupport.sa.gov.au/about-us/complaints-and-feedback.

Receiving feedback from participants provides an opportunity for us to resolve issues that have been raised, as well as identify areas where we may need to improve. Whilst the overall results for our survey was lower than before, more than 80% of respondents reported being satisfied or very satisfied with our service.

We also encourage feedback on the things we do well, so we can continue to provide support in the way that you prefer. You can submit an online form, email us via LSAFeedback@sa.gov.au or call 1300 880 849.

2020 participant survey

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