Moto-CAP (Agreement with Transport for NSW to support the MotoCAP initiative) GA00086: Commenced 01/07/2018

The Moto-CAP purpose is to evaluate public reporting on characteristics and comparative performance of motorcycle protective clothing and drive the awareness of the availability of such clothing. Moto-CAP provides comprehensive information on safety and comfort ratings for clothing in the category of jackets and pants. Gloves are not awarded a rating for comfort as it is not possible to source the material from gloves compatible with test equipment.

The testing regime to determine the safety and comfort ratings is based on ‘impact protection’, ‘burst resistance’ and ‘abrasion resistance’. The number of stars provides a comparison of how well specific garments resist the destructive forces in a crash and are displayed for public view on the Moto-CAP website. The Lifetime Support Authority continues to provide support to the Moto-CAP initiative in an effort to mitigate future motorcycle related injury for motorcycle users.

Royal Automobile Association of SA Inc. (RAA) R2211: Commenced 01/07/2018

Continuation of the Street Smart Primary road safety education program that is delivered to students across South Australia.

Road safety education is not a compulsory subject in schools. As a result, many students receive very little or no formal education in this area. This program sends highly experienced and qualified teachers into schools to teach students age-appropriate road safety skills and knowledge. By working directly in schools. in an engaging and interactive way, we believe will help to establish early adoption of safe road user behaviour and to help to improve road safety outcomes.

Street Smarty Primary is a road safety education program supported by a qualified teacher engaged for a 45-minute duration per school visit and four age-appropriate lessons are offered. Lessons are reviewed annually with a framework established to assist teachers to identify the appropriate road safety presentation for each class.

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