There are 14 members appointed by the Minister of Health and Wellbeing to the ERP, including Convenor Dr David Caudrey and Deputy Convenor Associate Professor Stacey George. The ERPs focus is to resolve disputes about eligibility for participation in the LSS and to review an LSS participant’s treatment, care and support assessment on application from a participant.

Guidelines are issued to ensure fairness in the procedures of expert review panels and to facilitate the proper administration of the ERPs including guidelines for the procedures of the Panel.

The ERP Guidelines have been updated to reflect minor changes in language used as well as changes to the Act which amended the jurisdiction of appeals from a determination of an ERP. Appeals are now managed through the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT), instead of the District Court.

Interested to read the ERP Guidelines? You can see them on the LSA website with a number of publications and guidelines developed by the LSA.

Expert Review Panel Guidelines

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