Vivienne sustained multiple injuries when a car collided with her motorcycle in 2014. The accident left her with a traumatic brain injury and severe orthopaedic injuries to her right side, particularly her right lower leg, which later required amputation in 2016.

The LSA have provided Vivienne with a wide variety of supports which allow her to participate in activities that she enjoys including swimming, dancing and travelling.

Vivienne has been an active volunteer throughout her recovery, including running a craft group at a nursing home, where she has now returned to casual employment.

She joined the PRG to learn more about how the LSA could support her and others to maintain their wellbeing for the future.

“I am enthusiastic when it comes to sharing my experience and endeavour to spread positivity with all the participants which helps to give me a sense of satisfaction. I am very grateful to be part of the PRG.”

“The PRG group enables me to talk about my experience with other amputees so they know they are not alone in their journey and to share my knowledge about how I have learned to cope with everyday challenges.”

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Page last updated: 30 September 2020