Barry is the son of LSS Participant, Maria Bertossa. Maria was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Christmas Eve in 2018.

As a result of the accident, she sustained an undiagnosed head trauma and was discharged from hospital on the day of the accident. She was later found to have a slow bleed on the brain, which has resulted in memory loss, as well as cognitive function issues and worsening eyesight.

Maria now requires 24/7 care and support at home. Barry feels that life for his mother and for himself, would have been vastly different had it not been for the funding and support provided by the LSA.

“While l visit my mother several times each week and attend medical appointments with her, l am able to carry on with my own life with the confidence that my mother is being cared for in her own home.”

Barry decided to volunteer to join the PRG because he felt that it was important for family members to provide feedback on behalf of Participants on all areas of services and support that the LSA provides, as well as convey any issues and possible solutions.

“I believe that constructive feedback is vital for the purpose of continuous improvement and for the best delivery of care and support for participants and their families.”

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Page last updated: 30 September 2020