The Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) manages the Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS), which was established to fund treatment, care and support services for people who have sustained serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents on South Australian roads, regardless of fault. The purpose of the LSA’s research, education and programs agenda is to strengthen the quality of services provided to participants in the LSS and contribute to the body of knowledge in the disability and health sectors.

Research, Education and Programs Mission Statement:

“The LSA drives innovation in high quality treatment, care and support through sponsorship, research, education and programs to enhance the lives of people very seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents in South Australia.”

Research, Education, Programs Update

The LSA is committed to driving innovation through Research, Education and Programs to enhance the lives of LSS participants. We are reviewing our grant rounds to ensure they reflect the needs and priorities of the LSA and the LSS. As a result, the current grant round has been temporarily paused.

We look forward to re-launching our new grant round in the near future.