The LSA recently undertook an extensive review of the LSS Rules and conducted a consultation process with stakeholders on proposed changes. Feedback from this consultation was considered in the process of finalising the LSS Rules.

As a result, the LSS Rules have changed, and these changes have now come into effect.

We are in the process of reviewing and updating the information on our website to reflect these rule changes. Some of the current 'Resources' and 'Information Sheets' that you would expect to see have been temporarily removed to be updated, to provide consistency with the updated LSS Rules.

If you have any questions, please contact us via

Here is a list of Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) Information Sheets in alphabetical order below.

If you have problems accessing or reading these documents you can ask for a copy to be made available to you in an alternative format.

Email to ask for an alternative version of any document on this website.



  • Buying into the Scheme [currently being updated]




  • Home Modifications [currently being updated]
  • How to access Treatment, Care and Support Services [currently being updated]
  • How will the LSA engage with Service Professionals? [currently being updated]


  • Lifetime Participation [currently being updated]
  • Lifetime Support Authority and Scheme Principles [currently being updated]
  • Lifetime Support Scheme Participant Service Providers Information [currently being updated]




  • Starting an Attendant Care Program [currently being updated]
  • Support, Attendant Care and Domestic Services [currently being updated]
  • Suspension from participation in the Scheme [currently being updated]




  • Vehicle Modifications [currently being updated]
  • Vocational Support Services [currently being updated]


  • Welcome to the Lifetime Support Scheme [currently being updated]
  • What is a Service Planner and What do they do?
  • What is 'Necessary and Reasonable' Treatment, Care and Support [currently being updated]
  • What is the Lifetime Support Scheme [currently being updated]
  • Working with an Attendant Care Program [currently being updated]
Page last updated: 30 September 2020