The Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) is a statutory authority established under the Motor Vehicle Accidents (Lifetime Support Scheme) Act 2013 (SA). We have a legislative function to fund research in connection with services provided to participants in the Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS), or ‘the Scheme’.

The Scheme provides treatment, care and support for participants who have sustained serious, injuries in a motor vehicle accident in South Australia, regardless of fault.

Serious injuries include paraplegia, quadriplegia, brain injury, burns, amputations and blindness. The Lifetime Support Scheme Rules outline the eligibility criteria for injury to qualify as a participant of the Scheme.

The LSA is responsible for the management of research grants funded by the Scheme. The research intends to:

  • enhance the quality of life for LSS participants
  • encourage service innovation within the Scheme
  • inform financial sustainable funding decisions
  • protect the LSS fund’s long-term financial sustainability and/or contribute to the long-term affordability of the Scheme
  • impact the health of the Scheme participants through translation of findings into outcomes.

The LSA is working to strengthen its approach to research funding to enable more strategic investment in research projects that have a significant impact on end users. It is important for applicants to demonstrate that the research will have an impact on the LSS participants and/or the LSA.

How to apply

Applications will be open from 1 July 2021 at 9 am ACST and be closed at 30 July 2021 at 4 pm ACST. All applications must be submitted through the SmartyGrants portal. For technical assistance with the SmartyGrants portal, please email


The LSA Researcher Guidelines provide potential applicants with an overview of the LSA Stream 1 Research Grant Round. Applicants are advised to read the guidelines before applying.

Download Researcher Guidelines

Please note that this form is for preparation purposes only – applications will only be accepted via SmartyGrants online submission portal. To apply, complete and submit the electronic application form through the LSA online application portal SmartyGrants.

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Opening: 1 July 2021 at 9 am ACST
Closing: 30 July 2021 at 4 pm ACST
Expected Notification: 30 October 2021

The LSA has identified three research priorities and invites applicants to submit their proposals to address these key areas. Applications that do not address one or more of these priority areas will not be considered for funding. The three research priority areas are:

  1. The impact of early treatments, rehabilitation or interventions to improve the LSS participant vocational or physical health outcomes
  2. Usage of non-prescribed and prescribed medications and alcohol among the LSS participants pre- and post-accident
  3. The impact of home automation for the LSS participants and the Scheme sustainability.

To be eligible, the Chief Investigator must:

  • have Australian citizenship or be a permanent resident in Australia
  • hold a PhD or equivalent research doctorate
  • have at least 12 months research work experience post the awarding of their PhD or research doctorate. Please note: clinical work does not qualify as research work experience
  • reside and be employed within South Australia
  • not have outstanding contractual obligations to the LSA from previous grants.

The LSA will fund research projects for a duration of up to one year. Applications can be submitted for a value between $20,000 and up to $250,000 (exclusive of GST).

The researcher is required to commence the project within six months of being notified of the grant award.

Funding covers:

  • salary costs (applicants need to indicate the classification level and FTE)
  • direct research costs (e.g. MRI scans, posting questionnaires, transcribing, language translation, teleconference line, access to specialist archives/databases and outcome measurement tools, technical and logistical support)
  • travel costs essential to the project (e.g. vehicle mileage, flights, transfers and accommodation for the purposes of data collection).

Funding does not cover:

  • costs associated with obtaining, or delays associated with obtaining, Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval
  • registration, accommodation or travel expenses to attend conferences
  • institution infrastructure levies or fees
  • regular business running costs (e.g. office space, insurance or rent)
  • technology devices (e.g. computers, smart devices and mobile phones)
  • professional membership fees
  • patent application costs
  • professional development courses
  • journal publication fees.

The LSA will be hosting a webinar to provide information about this grant round. It will be held 22 June 2021 at 12 pm to 12:45 pm ACST.

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