1.1 Attendant care services must be provided only by approved providers.

1.2 The LSA will advertise, from time to time, for applications from service providers who seek approval as providers for the Scheme. Service providers must meet the criteria prescribed by the LSA for appointment. The LSA may also accept applications at any time.

1.3 The LSA will require that an approved provider meet the registration requirements and terms of business prescribed by the LSA and made available on the LSA website.

1.4 A participant may choose a provider from the LSA’s list of approved attendant care service providers.

1.5 Except for the special circumstances below, the LSA will not pay expenses of attendant care services provided by persons who are not approved providers.

1.6 This rule does not limit any other requirement that providers of other services be approved by the LSA.

2.1 Special circumstances may include (but are not limited to) geographic isolation and cultural or religious reasons.

2.2 The LSA will consider whether any special circumstances exist on a case by case basis. It should not be assumed that an application for approval under this Part will necessarily be approved merely because it relates to a circumstance of the type referred to above.

2.3 In special circumstances, the LSA may approve, in writing, a suitable person as a service provider for a particular participant.

2.4 In such cases, the LSA will consider several factors such as (without limitation):

2.4.1 their suitability to provide services to the participant;

2.4.2 the circumstances said to justify approval of the relevant individual or organisation to provide services to the participant; or

2.4.3 why an approved provider cannot be utilised or is not suitable.

2.5 Where the approval is for an individual, that person will be expected to take all reasonable steps to become employed through an LSA approved provider to support a participant.

2.6 Where the approval is for an organisation, that organisation will be expected to take all reasonable steps to become an approved provider under the Act.

2.7 If granted, the LSA’s written approval of an individual or organisation will set out the duration of the approval. The LSA will not pay expenses for services delivered before a provider has obtained written approval.

3.1 The fees for attendant care services payable by the LSA are those specified in the LSA’s current Schedule of Fees for Approved Attendant Care Providers and will be published, from time to time, in the Gazette, and on the LSA website.

3.2 In the exceptional circumstance that the LSA approves attendant care services be delivered by other approved individuals or an attendant care service provider that is not an approved provider, payment will be made according to the rates of payment set out in the letter of approval from the LSA.

3.3 The LSA will not pay expenses incurred by or on behalf of a participant when attendant care services are delivered by a provider who is not approved in writing by the LSA.

Page last updated: 18 December 2020