1.1 This part applies in relation to sections 27 and 52 of the Act.

1.2 The LSA recognises that participants may choose to travel overseas for short periods of time or live overseas.

1.3 A participant must inform the LSA of an absence from Australia at least 28 days before leaving Australia.

2.1 The LSA may choose on a case by case basis to pay the necessary and reasonable costs of treatment, care and support incurred by a participant while travelling overseas.

2.2 Where the LSA approves such payments, it will provide necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support as would be planned for in Australia, provided payments do not exceed the costs that would be incurred if the participant were in Australia.2.3Where possible the LSA will work with the participant to help plan appropriate levels of service delivery during the temporary overseas travel period.

2.4 The LSA will not provide treatment, care and support to a participant to travel overseas if:

2.4.1 the participant travels to a country that the LSA considers dangerous or high risk; or

2.4.2 the participant travels overseas to engage in treatment not approved by the LSA.

3.1 Participants will not be suspended from the Scheme if they reside outside Australia, provided that:

3.1.1 Payments, by the LSA, for treatment, care and support services will be in Australian dollars and will not exceed the costs that would be incurred if the participant were living in Australia; and

3.1.2 The participant complies with any relevant requirements under the LSS Rules, (such as being available for needs assessments).

3.2 Appropriate treatment, care and support services in the participant’s country of residence will be arranged either through a broker/ provider engaged by the LSA or payments will be made to the participant under section 27(5) of the Act (provided that any requirements such as documentary evidence of expenditure for acquittal are met).

3.3 In any consideration of payments, the LSA will not bear currency risk exposure.

3.4 Home/vehicle/workplace modifications undertaken for participants living overseas will have to comply with any local requirements.

Page last updated: 18 December 2020