1.1 This Part applies in relation to services referred to in section 4(1) of the Act.

1.2 Education and training support services aim to minimise the impact of the motor vehicle injury on the participant’s education program, taking into account the participant’s pre-accident condition. They will be based on measurable learning and development outcomes.

1.3 The LSA will pay for educational support where, the support required relates to the motor vehicle injury, facilitates participant engagement with the curriculum, the educational community and activities, and delivers educational outcomes.

1.4 The LSA may support the participant's commencement at, or return to, appropriate educational settings within:

1.4.1 preschool;

1.4.2 childcare, including before and after school care;

1.4.3 primary, secondary and special schools; or

1.4.4 higher education.

1.5 The LSA will consult with the participant and service providers to regularly review education or training support services to ensure they continue to meet the participant’s abilities, needs and circumstances.

2.1 To determine whether a participant is eligible for services under this part, the LSA may consider:

2.1.1 the participant's pre-accident development and learning history;

2.1.2 services which the participant accessed, was on the waiting list for, or was assessed as requiring prior to the motor vehicle accident;

2.1.3 measurable changes in the participant's ability to engage in education and training as a result of their motor vehicle injury;

2.1.4 assessment by an independent therapist, special educator, or other specialist professionals in child education and development; and

2.1.5 existing education and training support that the participant is able to access.

2.2 Care and support services may include:

2.2.1 social support;

2.2.2 tutorial support;

2.2.3 student aide or assistant;

2.2.4 teacher training;

2.2.5 transitional support;

2.2.6 transport assistance;

2.2.7 equipment (refer to Part 9 Equipment);

2.2.8 specialist support, such as therapists, special education or other professionals.

2.3 The LSA will pay for additional education and training support to cover a participant’s learning missed during an absence from school or tertiary/vocational studies as a result of the motor vehicle injury.

For example, due to a long hospital admission or continued absences for outpatient appointments.

3.1 The LSA will not pay for services that:

3.1.1 the participant is entitled to under any applicable State or Commonwealth legislation;

3.1.2 are more appropriately funded through other persons, agencies or bodies as part of a common or universal service obligation; or

3.1.3 are reasonable disability adjustments required under a law dealing with discrimination on the basis of disability.

3.2 The LSA will not generally pay for education expenses levied by any educational institution including school fees, fees for excursions or school camps, stationery and uniforms that are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Page last updated: 18 December 2020